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Marker M008 GIP-M008

  • Marker M008 GIP-M008
  • Marker M008
  • Marker M008
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Marker 01
- Marker Pen especial for fluorescent writing board;
- Water-based, dry-wipe prescription;
- Easy to wipe off with wiper, tissue paper, etc;
- High Brightness neon color, Best for indication on mirror, plastic board, Light board, or glass under black  
  light (ultra-violet) or fluorescent lamp etc;
- Water-base without toxic, No harmful to skin;
- There are 8 colors for choose, (Blue/ Yellow/ Green/ Purple/ Red/ White/ Pink/ Orange);
- To activate-shake well with cap on and upright remove cap and press tip for several times until tip fills with 
   ink, do not over pump, recap tightly after use and store in horizontally position.